Document Management System

Project phase and operational phase

Document control is the spinal cord for project control. Best practice document control enables the efficient processing of document deliverables, including measurement of progress, planned distribution and timely review. Granular reporting provides performance monitoring  of all stakeholders, including contractors, suppliers, engineers and document controllers.

Throughout the operational life of an asset proper document control is critical to ensure that key operational documents and data are current and complete. Document control helps in the management of maintenance projects or asset extensions/renewals. Unique complexities may occur during operations such as various contractors updating overlapping sets of as-builts during maintenance. Simplifies the management of concurrent engineering.


Project document control – best practices

Best practice Document Control depends on the judicious application of certain key principles:

  • Intelligent numbering and industry standard coding classifications.
  • Uploading and verification of supply chain deliverable schedules.
  • Planned distribution for reviews, approvals and interface management supported by distribution matrices.
  • Tracking and reporting against contractual milestones and review turnaround times.
  • Progress reporting, exception reporting, KPI’s and custom reporting.


Project document control – objectives

Project document control is about the capturing and verification of the data around the progress, approval status and transactional details of the technical deliverable set. This may include high volumes of contractor, supplier and 3rd party information as well as internally produced deliverables. It is essential to have accurate, transparent views across this data set. If applied properly these proven business processes will reduce revisions, and design clashes, enable supply chain management and contract admin, meet KPIs and project milestones, maximise efficiency and increase quality. This means increased profit and commercial protection.


Project document control – information

A properly supported project Document Control function provides critical information and data to all the departments, disciplines and functions throughout each stage of a project or programme. If correctly planned and executed, this provides Operations with everything necessary to operate and maintain the asset and to meet regulatory requirements.


Gantt charts


Document control for operations

In the operational phase it is essential that the asset is documented with the latest approved as-built revisions. Information should be directly available from different views and groups and should be supported by multiple search and report options (direct metadata/attribute search, content search or drill down though asset hierarchies).

During the operational life of an asset regular maintenance projects may vary from small, with hardly any technical modifications, to large, with different contractors involved, leading to an extensive upgrade or modification of the asset.

To control the documentation during operations it is essential to control the asset including version control on asset items. For small maintenance projects, a simple check out and check in process might suffice.

For larger maintenance works, a project will be defined and may be supported by concurrent engineering. The control of the document flow, from the operational environment to the contractors and after commissioning and handover back to the operational environment, is essential for the quality of the documented asset.