Professional Services

Effectuate has a team of dedicated implementation engineers, consultants, subject matter experts and trainers who will help you to implement the solution in your organisation. Your project standards and procedures can be loaded into the system within weeks or even days.

Effectuate consultants can advise you on best practice if required and help you to fine-tune your current standards and procedures.

Our trainers will train your application managers, document controllers engineers, secretarial staff and management according to how you work.


Implementation method

Some organisations put the emphasis on control, planning and risk management. For these organisations we work with project plans, detailed business analysis and test and migration plans.

For other organisations, time constraint is the leading factor. They put the emphasis on the speed of the implementation. For these organisations we follow a fast track approach where less time is spent on writing the plans and efforts are fully focused on getting the system implemented and users trained.


Project management approach

For the implementation Effectuate will always appoint a project manager and produce a project plan including all planned activities. Effectuate staff will be appointed to execute the tasks and progress is monitored.

Depending on the approach chosen, Effectuate will produce detailed migration plans, test plans, test cases, training plans, infrastructural designs and more. The client determines the approach for the implementation.


Fast track approach

On client’s request, Effectuate supports a fast track approach implementing solutions. With the fast track approach you can go into production within weeks and technically speaking within days.

The fast track approach has a strong focus on delivering the product and the activities that need to be executed in a short time frame. Fewer plans are produced on testing, training, migration or have less depth than the same documents in the project management approach.

The main advantages of the fast track approach are fast delivery, fewer overheads and a client organisation that sees quick user take-up with the resulting benefits.

Effectuate will implement an out-of-the-box product that usually requires no additional programming because all the standard functionality is flexible and configurable. This allows us to apply the fast track approach.